Linda Bard

Bard Design Inc. is a premier boutique design firm located in South Florida. Linda Bard, owner and principal designer of Bard Design, is a state licensed and registered Interior Designer with over 30 years of design experience. A native of New York, Bard received her Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts in Interior Design from the prestigious Pratt Institute. Bard’s career began in a New York architectural firm where she managed the interior architectural design of retail stores, executive offices and banks.

Upon relocating to Florida in 1987, Linda continued her expertise in commercial design and began focusing on high-end residences throughout the country. Her strong architectural background gave her a unique edge over traditional designers which helped her secure multiple large new construction projects. Bard takes pride in designing luxury residences that are elegant and functional. She takes into account her clients’ individual preferences and needs and works closely with them to bring their vision to life in a designer fashion. Whether new construction, interior remodeling, or interior refinishing, Bard brings years of experience and her professional knowledge to the drafting table.

Bard’s passion and knowledge, combined with her easy going demeanor and clear lines of communication, makes working with her a pleasant and successful journey.

Our Services

Bard Design Inc. is a full service interior design firm offering detailed oversight and involvement in all aspects of a design project. We work from conception to completion on new construction and renovations as well as provide interior design services for existing residences, and commercial spaces.

To give you an idea of how the process goes we begin with a meeting and have an extensive discussions to understand your style, needs and budget. We will talk and get to know each other. Shortly after our meeting a Design Agreement will be developed and presented for review and approval.

After we are hired there will be more discussions, site visits, and the development of preliminary plans and a design concept. Once the plans are finalized and approved, furniture, appliances, plumbing selections and finishes are shopped then presented for final review and approval. Upon approval purchases will be processed.

Working drawings are created for construction of all interior architecture, cabinetry, wall and flooring patterns, and finishes. All orders will be followed until received and oversight and coordination of delivery and installation will be taken care of.