Cool and Collected

This was a wonderful collaboration from conception to construction. This home was built with the intent to showcase the client’s extensive artwork collection. While designing the interiors of this 22,000 sq. foot home the client’s wishes of creating comfortable inviting areas for family to relax and gather was always kept in mind. Beautiful detailed custom doors, cabinetry and upholstered walls throughout add warmth and depth without distracting from the art collection.

399911_2010_dan_forer 399903_2010_dan_forer 399906_2010_dan_forer 399907_2010_dan_forer 399905_2010_dan_forer MAYER STAIRCASE 399909_2010_dan_forer 399910_2010_dan_forer MAYER BAR 399902_2010_dan_forer 399901_2010_dan_forer 399916_2010_dan_forer MAYER MASTER BATH 2 MAYER MASTER BATH DETAIL 1 MAYER POWDER ROOM DETAIL 399913_2010_dan_forer 399914_2010_dan_forer 399915_2010_dan_forer MAYER BATH 3 MAYER BEDROOM 2 MAYER BATH 2 MAYER BED 3 DETAIL MAYER WINE CELLAR chef's kitchen